Flasher and Grinder

A second rejection for Hitch arrived last week. It’s now out with a market that was probably a mistake; they get so many submissions, they want 90 days. I should’ve gone with a smaller market.

At least I have an idea of how to find one, now. Through my explorations of the Intorwebs, I found The (Submission) Grinder. They’re attempting to fill in the hole left by Duotrope going behind a paywall, so I’m less upset about finding out about Duotrope when their switch to a paysite was news. I’ve found several new potential markets, including some that want flash fiction.

I’ve never even tried to write flash before, so this weekend I gave it a shot. I like what I got, so we’ll see what happens when I submit it. Anyone up for a beta-read?


Progress sometimes looks like regression

The only downside to the Magic Spreadsheet is the lack of an edit-tracking mechanism. This can make “edit weeks,” which I’ve been on since about the 20th, look like a lack of progress at best, and a declining word count at worst. (My workaround for this is to track the time I spend editing, then log the “word count” I usually get in that amount of time. It’s not perfect, but it works for me. Now if I can just get the motivation to edit every day…)

The first draft of the latest WIP started out at over 10,300 words. I have it down to almost 9,600, with 9,000 as the goal. The edit revealed several weak spots; there are scenes to add, scenes to cut, and an infinite number of other places to improve things.

For 23 in 2013, I need to get A Hitch in His Getalong submitted somewhere. It’s been sitting here two weeks, which is about 13 days longer than it should have.