Well, that’s depressing.

Galleycat posted about Livia Blackburn’s post on how most writers get blogging wrong – it turns out most writers blog about the mechanics of writing, without doing much about the content of their writing.


The follow-up post, on how John Locke’s got it right, is a lot to think about.

I write for the same reasons anyone else writes – I have to. It took a couple of decades, but not doing it became untenable. I couldn’t let bad experiences in the (distant) past hold me down any longer. So I started writing things that entertain me, much of which resembles the work of Spider Robinson and R.A. Heinlein: Some hard science, a lot of extrapolation, and pages and pages of characters chewing over deeper issues. The discussions were always a big part of how much I enjoyed a Heinlein or Robinson book. Now, I find I can’t wait to get to that part of the story I’m working on. It’s keeping these scenes from taking over the whole work that I have to watch out for.

So where do I get a psychological profile of that?