Epiphanies for Dummies

I’ve been thinking about getting a part-time job of some kind, but really, really don’t want to. Like I’ve said before, there isn’t time to do what’s important now; how can I take even more time away from myself just for more money?

Then I had what could be called an epiphany, except it’s the kind of thing that seems like it’s really obvious to other people. I need a new word, here. Maybe “dumbpiphany,” although I don’t much like that ‘mbp’ in the middle, there, but “dumpiphany” is worse. Anyway.

My goal is to be a working, published writer. (Given that pets and landmarks blog, this doesn’t count.) So blocking out time to write is my part-time job, for now. Scalzi has his “2000 words or Noon” rule, and even Biggest Movie Ever queen JK Rowling admits having to fight for time to write. So I can take time that I’m using freely, hire a sitter if I need to, close the door, and write. If I can put 15 or 20 hours a week – part-time job hours – into my work, that’s three or four times as many hours as I’m squeezing out now. I’ll be able to finish some shorts, make real progress on both of the novels I’ve outlined, and (gasp) submit stories for publication.

Grapholalia.com is meant to be my warmup for this. We’ll see how it all goes as I get time scheduled and work through the next few weeks. If I can make this stick, I won’t have to fire myself for absenteeism.