The Rat Is Right

In the teaser trailer for Pixar’s Ratatouille, Remy complains that “good food is hard for a rat to find.” He also points out that “it’s so easy to find good food in Paris! It’s just… dangerous.”

Starting out as a writer feels like the same thing: it’s hard to do (or to do well); there are opportunities unequalled in the history of the written word today. This platform alone was beyond imagining when I was a kid. And while not exactly dangerous in the “chefs throwing heavy and/or sharp objects” sense, getting started feels pretty much like shining a flashlight into the night sky, hoping aliens will see your “signal.”

The feeling that you need a plan (or A Plan) is nearly inescapable. Twitter, blogging, self-publishing, LinkedIn, on and on the list of essential activities grows. Getting past zero is the tough bit.

All there is to do is keep writing, and rewriting. If you don’t like marketing, write for someone else.

Writing isn’t easy, and it isn’t dangerous. The heavy and/or sharp objects come out of our own minds.  But just like good food, it’s worth it.