Are you advertising or apologizing?

I can’t stand Chevy’s ad campaign for their new electric car.  “More car than electric”? Really?

It sounds like an apology to truck buyers that they’ve become brie-munching, chardonnay-swilling, vote-for-weed Liberals.  Not that they have (or haven’t) – I’m in no position to know either way.  But this marketing slogan is, “It’s still a car, really!  It’s not gutless or weenie or anything like that.  We’re not turning into Toyota!”   The title on the webpage is almost as bad: “The future is here, and America is back in the game.”  Meaning they admit up front that US carmakers are playing catch-up when it comes to hybrid vehicles.


Take pride in what you build, Chevrolet.  Let the car stand on its own merits.  The guys who bought “Like a Rock” trucks aren’t the market for the Volt, and you know it.  Don’t reassure people that it’s ‘still a car’ – let them bask in being on the cutting edge of technology.  Call it the next generation of hybrids, or the first true American electric car.  Revel in what you’ve done instead of apologizing for it.

Oh well.  At least they (apparently) used Belco for the webpage.  That’s something.  I don’t have another example to add to my Bad Font Interventions.